Activities and levels make Axir a unique community

New hobbies, great friends

"I am extremely grateful to have discovered Axir which lead me to meeting so many positive, supportive, and fun people! And to have started 2020 off full of adventures with all of you. Second month in, 2020 had consisted of new hobbies, great friends, and some AWESOME photos. Cheers to another successful Axir light painting pic!"


You'll never be left behind

"Axir's community is simply a perfect melting pot of audacious people from all around the world willing to build an active life in a city they just moved in. Thanks to this app, I'm no longer wondering who I'm going to go with on some epic adventures. You know that boring part you have to go through to convince your friends in 28 steps to go on a beautiful hike with you? Yeah? Well Axir members are not like that. Just voice the idea that there is an activity you wanted to try for a while, as random as archery, or fencing, and you'll be followed by committed people who are not afraid of getting out of their comfort zone, and even more, who are always helping you in the planning. I've been playing volleyball under the rain, I've done snow hikes at night, I've driven out of state to camp, I've jumped in a jacuzzi in underwear, ... and all that because the crew I was with is as bold and crazy as I am. Join the app and you'll never be left behind."

Axir Changed my Life!

"I know what you're thinking... stop being so dramatic! But it truly has. After my best friend moved out of state I was left with a void that needed to be filled.... I was bored and needed more out of life so I began my search for an adventure partner. But what I found was so much more! Axir has done a fantastic job of creating a platform where I can meet, and interact with, like-minded individuals in my age range. But the key here is "like-minded" individuals. These are actually people I can see myself hanging out with years down the road! I cannot speak highly enough about the quality of people in the Axir community that I have met over the past 6 months. They are the most open, active, welcoming, and encouraging people that I have ever met. There is something about getting together with a group of strangers to complete a common goal. This has a way of alleviating the pressures of trying to "get along" with someone and instead fosters more organic connections focused on the present joint experience. I started by joining a weekly Beach Volleyball event and knew almost instantly that I was with my people. A few months later and strangers have become dear friends that I hope to have until I'm old and grey. With every hangout, hike, and camping trip we strengthen and expand our friendships always welcoming new comers with open arms. Some people come and go but you become part of such a tight knit community that you end up seeing a lot of the same friendly faces at many of the different events. I sought to find an adventure partner but what I found was a second family in the Axir community. I love hanging out with them and I look forward to many more adventures with my people."

Austin B.

Something special

"This app is really something special! There may be other apps trying to bring active people together, but Axir hit the nail on this one. I tried other apps but was never able to plug myself into any of the groups for various reasons. Something was always off, either the age gap was too big, there was a charge to join that activity, or maybe the event itself just didn't look that appealing. Axir is a whole different story, since the first day I downloaded the app I found an event with a group of people my age playing beach volleyball. I decided to join this event even though it was 30+ miles away and I had never played volleyball before. When I arrived everyone was so welcoming! I was thinking; "Are these people getting paid to host this? Why are they so nice?" Turns out they were just genuinely interested in meeting active people and getting some fun games in. I made friends with a couple of people there and decided to make volleyball part of my weekly Sunday routine. I continued to make more and more friends as the weeks passed. Now the friends I made at volleyball are some of my closest friends and we go on so many great adventures together. I firmly believe downloading Axir was one of the best decisions of my life."

Salvador M.

Wonderful app

"Have you ever been on a hike with people you have never met before in your life and yet had a TOTAL blast? I did just that this last weekend with this amazing bunch of people I met through the activity app @axirapp. And we are already making our second hike plan this coming saturday! One of those times when the world of technology helps us connect to more like-minded folks around who you would never get to meet otherwise! Isn't that wonderful?"


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